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Summer Ski Jumping

NO, We do not do flips and land in a pool!

We are nordic ski jumpers, this means we jump for distance. In the summer we jump on the same hills and with the same equiptment as in the winter, with a few changes.

THE HILLS: Summer jumping is done by covering the ski jumps with low friction meterials that act like "Plastic Snow". Though details vary form hill to hill, the principal is the same. The landing hill is covered with sheets of spagetti like plastic strands. When kept wet with an irrigation system the plastic is slippery. As for the inrun there are many sysems. On Lake Placid's k-90 meter hill porceline tiles in the shape of rain gutters are kept wet and provide a slippery serface for the tower. On the k-48 a system of stationary marbles is used. Most jumpers prefer the porceline track for its high speed and depth.

Pictures comming soon!

****Jumpers To Watch Out For****

These are some of the young jumpers you might see in Lake Placid, all could make the U.S. Team in a few years.

Chris Decker

Morgan Goodwin

Geoff Howe

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