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These are the pictures from the 1999, Jumping/Nordic Combined, Junior Olympics. Many more to come! These are of Eastern Team Members (my team) only, but others will follow soon. Click the thumbnail to get a larger image.

The coaches stand.

Chris Decker, 14th in J-1 Special Jumping.

Jamie Tuttle, 13th in J-1 Special Jumping. Just enjoying the ride.

Chris Decker again, sporting the V-Style of flight.

Geoff Howe starting his race in the J-1 Nordic Combined competition.

Jamie Tuttle again, over the knoll.

Laura Mclane after a nice and easy landing.

Laura again, taking the gold in the Women's J-1 Nordic Combined.

Matt Risch, with Geoff Howe(center), and Jamie Tuttle (left). Preparing for the Nordic Combined Team Sprint Jumping Event.

Morgan Goodwin, fine skier, great jumper. In the J-2 Nordic Combined Race.

Geoff Howe with the white rose (in mouth) after his J-1 Nordic Combined race.

Laura after her Nordic Combined victory, if you skied 7.5k you would be tired too.


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